We took Harry for a walk in Norfolk...

I love going home to my parents, I love being in a house and lickle village I'm so familiar with, with the people I love and getting the chance to walk Harry...

I held the lead and Thomas took the photos with a new (to us) digital camera - a Sony Cybershot H7 - I'm not completely sold on it but Thomas likes it. In fact you can see I'm carrying my little yellow superheadz with me in one of the pics and I had my diana mini too lol. I heart film.

I love Thomas's photos though and I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind me sharing :)

(I took this one... Both Thomas and Harry were reluctant, haha)

Please ignore the poop bag... responsible dog walking and all that...

Happy Weekend!!
Photos: By Thomas (except the one thats obviously me)
Camera: Sony Cybershot H7
Location: Norfolk, England