First roll fail...

I had no idea what to post today (I'm putting together future posts but totally forgot about day to day... oops) then I saw Elle's post about her first roll of film from her Diana Mini on Diana Mini Love - so I thought I would share my some of my shocking first photos from my diana mini and holga 135bc - you know - the ones that you wouldn't normally share...

I shared some of the most acceptable ones from my first diana mini roll around Cromer here - but here are some of the truly bad ones

You can see the whole set on my flickr here.

The main issue I had with my diana first film was that really - I should have known better - I took 10 (maybe more...) films with my holga before I got my mini... at least with my holga I had a good excuse lol.

I posted the best photos from my holga first roll here and honestly, they were the only photos that I scanned in from that roll - none of the others seemed worth sharing - they were shocking. However I do have the index photo... try not to laugh too much, it is nearly two years ago now.

So there are my Lomography woes... if you want to see more links to first film woes check out the comments Elle's post again on Diana Mini Love.

p.s. Adele has done a lomography love post today too... I love her photos!!