A Paris sunset in X-Pro

After experimenting happily with Lomography's X-Pro Chrome film (see here for blog posts), I decided to order some of the Lomography X-Pro film to take to Paris as well (I mentioned it briefly here)

I was still undecided with this film at first, it is very green, and generally I'm not a massive fan of green. However, these photos of the sunset completely changed my mind, pretty much because, the sunset looked nothing like these photos! Haha.

I knew that cross processing films (developing slide film with c-41 chemicals and vice versa) could create a massive colour shift in the results, but the X-Pro Chrome results are very subtle and these results are not subtle at all in comparison. I'm still amazed by how different that the colours are and also that I could never have predicted that this is how they would have turned out.

I'm so glad that I've started to experiment with different films in my cameras, it adds a new level and challenge to my photography and I'm really enjoying the results.

Camera: Superheadz Yellow Peace
Film: Lomography X-Pro 200
Location: River Seine, Paris.

p.s. If you're wondering what the colours actually look like, you can see Thomas's photos here.