Frocktober continued...

Hurray! I have reached 11 days straight of wearing skirts and dresses. Can you believe that? I still can't... and I'll say right now - I do miss my jeans. A lot.

Wearing skirts and dresses, has had some interesting reactions from people and honestly, I'm not appreciating the extra attention I seem to be getting. Although it has been nice getting the occasional compliment, I'm struggling to deal with the odd statements that are meant to be observatory but don't really seem that nice... 'Oh Rhianne, you look like a girl...' and 'Rhianne, you do look weird in skirts' being my favourites at the moment. Especially as I never felt that I didn't look like a girl before... or that I look weird in skirts. Perhaps I'm over thinking it too much.

Anyway, I knew that this month would be a challenge for me - both physically in what I will actually wear and mentally, in that I'm having to change how I look at my clothes and how I present myself and also accept that other people perhaps see me in a different way to how I thought.

Luckily, I am enjoying what I've been wearing (despite the UK's weather) and it's encouraging me to think that like Anna, I'm doing this for a good reason.

So, to support Anna and to encourage me, pop over to Anna's blog, read about her cause and perhaps even donate.

p.s. Can you believe the ridiculous difference between the first and last photo weather wise?

p.p.s. Anna has featured me, in my newest skirt, on her blog if you want to look.

I feel a bit out of place but its for a good cause right...