Experimenting with F Stops...

I actually don't remember the last time I was this excited about my photos... squeeeeeeee!!

Although Photo Meditations isn't a technical photography course, I did learn something new about F stops and I realised that I had actually taken some photos with my Ricoh camera where I had changed this setting and not realised the effect it would have (here and here, being good examples) At the time of developing them I realised that they were the kind of photos that I wanted to be taking... but I didn't know how I'd even done it.

So armed with knowledge, my new to me Olympus Trip and more enthusiasm than I've ever had on a foggy day, Thomas and I went for a walk around Kirkstall Abbey (and also a delicious roast dinner...) last Sunday and here are some of my favourite results.


I was drawn to that yellow tree like a magpie to shiny things, it was a beacon in the mist and so pretty. I had to have a photo taken with it... I'm a bit sad that it's a little blurry but a lot of the photos were as I still have lots to learn.

I'm so glad that I learnt this though, most of my plastic cameras don't have this setting but two of my other film others do and it feels great to know now that I can take the type of photos that I want with a different camera and not feel limited by my equipment or knowledge.

In this one film of photos, I feel like I've pushed myself, my photos and what I can do. I've applied everything I'd already learnt combined it with new tricks and techniques and captured photos that I have been truly happy with. Although this does mean I'll be carrying even more cameras around with me now...

Location: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds
Camera: Olympus Trip 35
Film: Expired Agfa Vista 200